By Emmett Shiraz
A notable shift occurred in 2022 as money market fund (MMF) yields went from near zero to over 5% following the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) plans to tighten monetary policy in response to inflationary pressures. This surge in yields has attracted significant inflows, propelling MMF assets to record levels exceeding $6 tril…

By Loren Asmus
Short-term fixed income and money market funds presently provide attractive absolute yields compared to rates over the last 15 years. Consequently, investors are opting to reduce their duration exposure and allocate to cash-equivalent or near-maturity fixed income securities. While intriguing in the short run, there ar…

By Mason Sorenson
The long/short equity hedge fund landscape has undergone significant changes since the start of the rate hike cycle in March 2022. In the decade leading up to this cycle, the market was characterized by low volatility, minimal inflation, and reduced interest rates. These conditions presented numerous challenges for hed…