By Erick Podwill
The j-curve has been a familiar concept for private equity investors and textbooks for decades, as it has been understood that fund performance will be materially negative for several years before eventually turning positive. This blog post seeks to address whether the relevance of the j-curve is outdated in the contex…

By Poorvi Parekh, CFA
At Canterbury, clients often ask us to provide our outlook for the markets over upcoming quarters. We have learned over the years, that the future, in the short or long run, is rarely the present extrapolated. The last three years alone would have proved us wrong repeatedly. In January 2020, there was great optimism f…

By Erick Podwill
General Partner (“GP”)-led secondaries in private markets have exploded in popularity over the past few years on the basis of both deal count and aggregate deal volume. This blog post discusses the increase in volume, how continuation funds are typically structured, and commentary on the positive and negative attribute…