Health of the U.S. Economy
January 2019
According to Joachim Fels at the 2019 Investment Forum, the U.S. business cycle is in its later stages, but the current expansion could persist for some time.
Policy Error Ramifications
January 2019
Joachim Fels from PIMCO suggests the risk of a Federal Reserve policy mistake has come down, but the jury is still out. A Fed misstep could result in a recession.
Global Uncertainties
January 2019
2019 Investment Forum — Joachim Fels notes that the potential for a global slowdown may intensify as China and Europe exhibit weakness and as the U.S.-China trade dispute drags on.
2019 Interest Rates
January 2019
Greg Valliere shares that the push back from the financial markets in December 2018 made it clear Chairman Powell is not likely to raise interest rates in the coming months.
Political Ramifications of the U.S.-China Trade War
January 2019
Greg Valliere from Horizon Investments expects negotiations to take longer and anticipates a resolution of the U.S.-China Trade War by late spring or early summer this year.
NAFTA and the New Trade Deal, USMCA
January 2019
2019 Investment Forum — Greg Valliere discusses how the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) is essentially NAFTA 2.0, with a few updates.