Is Diversification Dead?
January 2020
At the 2020 Investment Forum, Rob Arnott shares why diversification is important to maintain during a period of sustained market performance (like this current one) for better long-term returns.
The Outlook for Value Investing
January 2020
Rob Arnott from Research Affiliates explains the dynamics of value investing: investing more in value equities when they're cheap and reducing that tilt when value is more reasonably priced.
The Risks of Chasing Historical Performance
January 2020
2020 Investment Forum — Rob Arnott cautions investors against anchoring on past returns and shares why relative underperformance could be a positive signal when evaluating managers.
Disrupters Get Disrupted
January 2020
Research Affiliates' Rob Arnott describes why he is critical of investing in Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google (FANG): FANG stocks are priced based on an assumption of continued disruption.
Producing a 5% Real Return in the Current Environment
January 2020
At our 2020 Investment Forum, Rob Arnott talks about the bargains currently available in the global markets and recommends looking at emerging markets, fixed income, and value equities.
Logic Versus Human Behavioral Biases
January 2020
At Canterbury's 2020 Investment Forum, Morgan Housel from Collaborative Fund explains why investing is overwhelmingly a behavioral exercise rather than a mathematical or formulaic exercise.