Diversity and Decision-Making
January 2021
Ariel Investments' Chairman, Co-CEO, and Chief Investment Officer John. W. Rogers, Jr. explains how diversity can lead to better decision-making and performance.
Promoting Diversity in the Asset Management Industry
January 2021
John. W. Rogers, Jr. shares an example of how the asset management and investment industry can encourage diversity in its training and hiring processes.
The Search for Diverse Talent
January 2021
John W. Rogers, Jr. of Ariel Investments shares why he believes the search for diverse talent will strengthen teams and the investment industry overall.
The Future of COVID-19
January 2021
Dr. Robert M. Califf shares his outlook on the future of the coronavirus and his thoughts on things that need to be done to mitigate its negative impacts on day-to-day life.
Transitioning to a Post-Pandemic World
January 2021
Dr. Robert Califf explains how he sees the U.S. transitioning out of lockdowns and relinquishing non-pharmaceutical interventions, such as social distancing and masking protocols.
Vaccine Development and Deployment
January 2021
Dr. Robert Califf, former commissioner of the FDA and current head of clinical strategy at Verily Life Sciences and Google Health, shares his comments on the COVID vaccination efforts in the U.S.