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Quote by Loren Asmus, CFA, CAIA
July 2020
U.S. News & World Report
The midstream sector supports the oil and gas industry's infrastructure needs and can increase diversification in a retirement portfolio since it generates higher yields. Investors typically invest in large integrated exploration and production names from the energy sector, as well as utility companies for additional i…
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Quote by Matthew Lui, CFA, CAIA
June 2020
MSN Money
Does passive investing have a place in the most active market in recent history? Are index funds safe? Index funds are the epitome of passive investing. Rather than trying to beat the market by selecting individual stocks, these funds own all stocks constituting the index, matching the performance of the underlying ben…
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Quote by Stuart Blair, CAIA
June 2020
Orange County Business Journal
Canterbury Consulting Inc., a Newport Beach-based financial consulting group best known for advising family offices and non-profit organizations, is raising $82 million for a new fund to target private equity fund opportunities. “It will provide investors more opportunity to implement material change versus basic co…
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Quote by Mike Ethridge
June 2020
Business Insider
All 50 states have begun to loosen lockdown requirements and businesses like gyms, nail salons, restaurants, retail shops, production studios, and some offices are starting to reopen. For many, reopening is more complicated than social distancing and reduced capacity. In addition to an operational and financial chec…
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Quote by Matthew Lui, CFA, CAIA and Loren Asmus, CFA, CAIA
June 2020
To musicians Matt Lui and Loren Asmus, picking a manager is a lot like writing and performing a song. The writer uses logic and structure to write the notes, then the players work together, harmonizing with the band to bring emotion to the music and create something beyond the paper. And to these two investment researc…






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