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Quote by Matthew Lui, CFA, CAIA
February 2020
Los Angeles Times
If there is perhaps one thing that investors don’t like above all others, it’s uncertainty. And that’s what was served up in heaping bucketfuls this week as it became clear the coronavirus wouldn’t bypass the U.S. — with the stock market turning in its worst performance since last decade’s financial crisis. “I think…
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Quote by Debashis Chowdhury, CFA
February 2020
Inside Higher Ed
Colleges and universities generally aren't happy about the endowment tax, but many are paying less than the tens of millions of dollars reported by the country's wealthiest universities, a review finds. And even those ultrawealthy universities might end up paying substantially less. It has been more than two years s…
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Quote by Matt Lui, CFA, CAIA
October 2019
Over the last decade, growth stocks have performed significantly better than value stocks. However, over the past year, it appears that the pendulum has swung to favor value stocks. Recent data suggests the trend is accelerating. Focus on rebalancing — not market timing — may prove most essential to those with long-…
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Quote by Matt Lui, CFA, CAIA
October 2019
The Wall Street Journal
Over the past decade, many experts have predicted that the open-end mutual-fund industry would crumble, an inevitable victim of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Despite the surging popularity of ETFs, mutual funds are expected to remain a force with $19.93 trillion in assets under management as of August 31, 2019. Whil…
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Quote by Stuart Blair, CAIA
September 2019
Stronger hedge fund performance this year has sparked a slight boost in investor return expectations, but many of them are still not fully satisfied with the results so far as they keep an eye turned toward worries about the equity market cycle, according to a new survey. Only having 9% of investors report that hedg…






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