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Global equities experienced the fastest 30% drawdown in history in the first quarter of 2020. The second quarter witnessed the largest 50-day advance in market history. International and emerging market (EM) countries experienced market rebounds, supported by global monetary and fiscal stimulus. U.S. interest rates wer…
Asset Class Reports
Industries across the U.S. were forced to reduce capacity or close due to social distancing policies carried out to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Both international and emerging market (EM) countries continue to face challenges. Core bonds performed well as the Fed cut interest rates to zero and implemented agg…
Asset Class Reports
U.S. equities rose in the fourth quarter, reaching all-time highs. International equities moved higher, boosted by improved U.S.-China trade relations, a Brexit-related election in the U.K. that increased the likelihood of a negotiated withdrawal from the European Union, and a weaker U.S. dollar. U.S. interest rates mo…
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Shares in U.S. equity markets fell in early August then edged higher into mid-September to end the quarter in positive territory. International equities advanced in the quarter in their local currencies, but fell slightly for U.S. investors, given the strong dollar headwind. As the Fed cut interest rates in July and Se…
Asset Class Reports
Shares in U.S. equity markets gained in Q2, despite declines in May due to increased concerns over the U.S.-China trade war. By the end of the quarter however, markets were supported by increasingly accommodative central banks and trade progress following the G20 Summit as both leaders agreed to get back to the negotia…






2020 Investment Forum Speakers


Libby Cantrill
Policy Implications Related to China


Morgan Housel
Logic Versus Human Behavioral Biases