Asset Class Reports
In the first quarter, despite strong economic data and signals from the Federal Reserve that previously anticipated rate cuts would likely be postponed, U.S. equities continued to rally. Performance was wider in breadth than in previous quarters, with 2 of the “Magnificent 7” stocks suffering notably poor performance,…
Asset Class Reports
In the fourth quarter, U.S. equities rallied on expectations that the Federal Reserve would begin cutting rates in early 2024 following weak economic data coming out of both the US and international markets. Rate-sensitive sectors like technology, consumer discretionary, and real estate did well, while energy dipped in…
Asset Class Reports
In the third quarter, U.S. equities saw their first quarterly decline since the Q3 of 2022. The energy sector propped up market-wide performance, in large part due to elevated oil prices created by supply-constricting efforts from Saudi Arabia and Russia. Utilities, real estate, and consumer staples all posted material…
Asset Class Reports
In the second quarter, the U.S. equity market continued its strong performance with technology stocks leading the way once again. International developed equities and emerging markets (EM) equities also rose in the quarter despite rising interest rates and continued inflation concerns. Amid elevated inflation, the Fede…
Asset Class Reports
In the first quarter, the U.S. equity market had a strong start, with technology stocks driving much of the market’s gains. In the second half, concerns around several large banks caused market declines. However, U.S. stocks managed to recover some of its losses towards the end of the quarter. International developed e…






2023 Investment Forum Speakers


Kathleen Taylor
Chair, Altas Partners
"Board Member Recruitment: Consider the Three C’s"


Billy Rahm
Head of Global Real Estate and Managing Director, Centerbridge Partners
"Strategies in Value-Add and Opportunistic Real Estate"