Asset Class Reports
U.S. equities fell in the first two months of the quarter before rebounding slightly in March. Fed tightening, inflation expectations, and the Russia/Ukraine war weighed on the equity markets. The negative quarter marks the first quarterly decline since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020. European equities and…
Asset Class Reports
U.S. equities rose in the quarter despite a weak November due to the fear over rising cases of the Omicron variant. By year-end, the worries subsided as the economy and corporate earnings remained stable. European equities were positive in the quarter whereas emerging markets (EM) equities lost value. China was the wor…
Asset Class Reports
U.S. stock markets hit new all-time highs in the third quarter even as market volatility picked up in the final weeks of September. Corporate commentary turned cautious and profit warnings cited supply chain constraints and margin compression from multiple industries. European equities significantly outperformed emergi…
Asset Class Reports
U.S. stock markets delivered positive returns in the quarter, supported by the rebound of growth stocks, strong first quarter earnings, and the prospect of a bipartisan deal to increase infrastructure spending. European equities outperformed emerging markets (EM) equities in the quarter. Europe benefitted from the reop…
Asset Class Reports
U.S. stock markets ended the quarter in positive territory supported by an optimistic economic growth outlook and continued vaccine progress. European equities slightly outperformed emerging market (EM) equities in the quarter. Unlike in the U.S. and other Asian countries, slow vaccination progress in Europe is delayin…






2022 Investment Forum Speakers


Cathie Wood
CEO and CIO of ARK
"Purchasing Power, Inflation, and Deflation"


John Emerson
Capital Group International, Inc.
"Biden and International Relations"