Authored by Stuart Blair, CAIA
January 2020
Nonprofit Information
Most nonprofits have probably considered environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing, or soon will. Interest has escalated, and as a result, advice abounds. Reading it, only one thing seems clear: ESG investing is complex. It seems every answer leads to two questions, and it’s no surprise that many turn away …
Press Release
August 2019
PR Log
Canterbury Consulting, an independent investment advisory firm with more than $20 billion in assets under advisement, and the University of California, Irvine's Center for Investment and Wealth Management (CIWM), have partnered in the Pacific Life LIFEvest Financial Literacy Residential Program to help underserved Oran…
Authored by Poorvi Parekh, CFA
May 2019
Nonprofit Information
The key role of a nonprofit organization’s trustees is to ensure that investment assets are protected and properly managed so that they can serve the organization’s mission. Regardless of the size of the investment assets, the investment committee seeks to balance the objectives of both long-term growth and ongoing fun…
Authored by Debashis Chowdhury, CFA
November 2018
Nonprofit Information

Legend has it that a college professor once awarded an “A” for the best existentialistic description of a simple chair. The “A” paper contained just two words, “what chair?”

It’s been said “the existential attitude” is a sense of puzzlement, misperception, or anxiety in the face of an apparently empty or illogical wor…

Press Release
May 2018
Canterbury Consulting

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF., May 21, 2018 – Canterbury Consulting, an independent investment advisory firm overseeing $18.6 billion for foundations, endowments, healthcare organizations, and families, is moving to a new office after 30 years of growth. Due to the success of its independent advisory service model, the firm is…






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