Outsourced CIO
“…there’s a “common factor” that has driven price increases higher. It’s the pandemic, and it’s everything about the pandemic: The closing of the economy, the reopening of the economy, the fiscal support, the monetary support. All the things that happened went into high inflation. And I think we’ve come to expect that…
Asset Class Reports
In the second quarter, the U.S. equity market continued its strong performance with technology stocks leading the way once again. International developed equities and emerging markets (EM) equities also rose in the quarter despite rising interest rates and continued inflation concerns. Amid elevated inflation, the Fede…
Outsourced CIO
At Canterbury, clients often ask us to provide our outlook for the markets over upcoming quarters. We have learned over the years, that the future, in the short or long run, is rarely the present extrapolated. The last three years alone would have proved us wrong repeatedly. In January 2020, there was great optimism f…
Asset Class Reports
In the first quarter, the U.S. equity market had a strong start, with technology stocks driving much of the market’s gains. In the second half, concerns around several large banks caused market declines. However, U.S. stocks managed to recover some of its losses towards the end of the quarter. International developed e…
Asset Class Reports
Despite the challenging year, the U.S. equity markets made gains in the quarter, with much of the progress made in November. Improved GDP revisions, strong corporate earnings, and potential signs that elevated inflation could be cooling benefitted the markets. European equities and emerging markets (EM) equities also r…






2023 Investment Forum Speakers


Kathleen Taylor
Chair, Altas Partners
"Board Member Recruitment: Consider the Three C’s"


Billy Rahm
Head of Global Real Estate and Managing Director, Centerbridge Partners
"Strategies in Value-Add and Opportunistic Real Estate"