Institutional Advisory

Since 1988, Canterbury has partnered with clients on a non-discretionary basis to provide customized investment advice. We optimize investment plans for each client’s specific situation, to help them meet goals, focus on the core mission, and sustain programs and services for the long term. 



With our holistic approach, we go further than other consultants.

We believe that each client is unique, and is most likely to achieve investment objectives with a customized investment plan that takes into account factors beyond the investment itself. We immerse ourselves through a discovery process to understand each client’s specific challenges, successes, and future goals. This is a critical step toward the development of a successful partnership.

We then collaborate with each client to create an investment policy statement that clearly defines the client’s investment objectives, and ensures they are aligned with the client’s mission.



We partner with investment committees to build portfolios that factor in key roles and responsibilities, investment objectives, and the organization’s willingness to bear risk. Our investment process takes everything we've gleaned from the discovery process and marries it with the expertise of our investment professionals to deliver a range of solutions, customized for each client’s unique situation.

We spend significant time getting the strategy right for each client, because we believe investment success is achieved by designing a custom program focused on specific objectives. Success will be determined by the right mix of assets, and the discipline to stick to a long-term plan.



In an advisory role, we offer specific investment recommendations for strategy and manager selection, and provide ongoing measurement. The client retains full control on allocation decisions and underlying managers, while Canterbury’s client service team provides administrative support for the implementation and ongoing maintenance of the portfolio.