Authored by Debashis Chowdhury, CFA
July 2020
Nonprofit Information
Much has been written of high market returns over the past few years, and the COVID-19 pandemic will certainly lead to higher volatility going forward. What hasn’t been written is that these data points have created a precarious situation for endowments and the organizations they support: Spend rates are up or at unsus…
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Quote by Debashis Chowdhury, CFA
June 2020
Orange County Business Journal
The first quarter was unlike anything seen in the world’s financial markets. The markets reached an all-time high in February and when the coronavirus struck, they plunged more than 30%, including the 13% drop of the Dow Jones on March 16, the second worst day in its history.
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Quote by Debashis Chowdhury, CFA
May 2020
Fiduciary News
The proliferation of investment options promised participants a plug-and-play plan. In the process, it created a 401k Frankenstein monster of a mess.
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Quote by Debashis Chowdhury, CFA
April 2020
The NonProfit Times
The temptation to panic during a crisis looms over leaders at nonprofits immediately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, advisers to groups relying on walk-in traffic, guest fees, and gift shop sales are taking the long view since the situation remains unclear, despite many cities and towns now telling resident…
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Quote by Debashis Chowdhury, CFA
February 2020
Inside Higher Ed
Colleges and universities generally aren't happy about the endowment tax, but many are paying less than the tens of millions of dollars reported by the country's wealthiest universities, a review finds. And even those ultrawealthy universities might end up paying substantially less. It has been more than two years s…






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