Our Approach

Collaborative Investment Process

Our investment process is built around collaboration, both internally and externally through a process that incorporates our client’s objectives and constraints. Decisions are not made in a vacuum or by research professionals who are simply considering market-driven inputs. Our consultants are part of our investment and research teams, and we have built a process that marries our firm’s views with what is appropriate for each client.

We believe there is no one way to approach a portfolio and no one way to approach an asset class. Our consultants and research professionals work together to discuss and debate asset allocation and manager decisions. This balance prevents our research team from becoming disconnected from the needs of our clients and ensures our consultants do not become sales people. This process also provides each client with our firm’s view, with the benefit of our entire team’s work. We believe that superior investment recommendations are born from debate and collaboration, and we’ve built our process to deliver those benefits to our clients.